Return to Paradise

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find the QR codes and links?
Customers can find QR codes on in-store displays of participating products. Links can also be found on social media, retailer specific vehicles and more.
How do I scan the QR codes?
iPhone - The codes can be scanned by opening the camera app and selecting the rear facing camera. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the camera viewfinder. Once the device recognizes the QR code, tap on the notification to launch the experience. 

Android - Open Google Lens and point the camera at the QR code. Tap the magnifying glass icon to scan the QR code and tap the pop-up notification that appears once the QR code is recognized.

Alternatively, you can download or use a QR code reader app if your device camera does not have the QR reader function.


What are the Prizes & Rewards?

Grand Prize

  • (1) Grand Prize: Trip for 4 to Hawaii, a $20,000 value

Instant Win Prizes

  • (500) Free KING’S HAWAIIAN® Product
  • (95) KING’S HAWAIIAN® Lifeguard Hat
  • (90) KING’S HAWAIIAN® Beach Towel
  • (100) Kona Big Wave® Summer Tote Bag
  • (100) Kona Big Wave® T-Shirt
  • (100) Kona Big Wave® Bucket Hat
  • (10) KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Kona Big Wave® Soft Sided Cooler
  • (24) KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Kona Big Wave® Chairs
  • (100) KING’S HAWAIIAN® and Kona Big Wave® Summer Essentials
How do I receive my instant win prize?
All prize awards require registration to collect. Once registered, you need to complete the form at the bottom of the Instant Win Prize page. Failure to complete the form will disqualify you from receiving the prize.
Where can I find the Official Sweepstakes Rules?
Click here: Official Rules
How do I earn sweepstakes entries?
  • Earn 1 sweepstakes entry when you register for the program.
Is there a limit on how many sweepstakes entries I can acquire?
Yes, there is a limit of one (1) sweepstakes entry per person/per sweepstakes account.


Who should I contact for any support queries?
View the Contact Us Form on the King’s Hawaiian website.